City Break- Budapest

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is home to some of Europe’s most incredible architecture from the Disney-like turrets of the Fishermen’s Bastion, that overlooks the River Danube, to the neo-Gothic Hungarian Parliament and the 13th century Baroque palace- Buda Castle.

The best way to explore the city is by foot, this way you can get immersed into local Magyar culture. Venture down the little cobbled streets to discover medieval churches, market stalls selling handmade souvenirs and little restaurants offering local cuisine from Goulash and stuffed cabbage to spicy bean soup.

The best way to see a panoramic view of the city is to climb up the famous Gellért Hill, which stands 771ft tall overlooking both sides of the river. From atop the hill you can see all of the relics left behind by the mighty Habsburg Austro-Hungarian Empire, which was a major European power from the 19th to the early 20th century. Monuments including the Royal Palace and the Habsburg Gate, Sandor Palace- the current home of the President of Hungary- and Buda Castle Labyrinth which features a cave church, once home to a hermit monk.


From Gellért Hill you can walk to Trinity Square which is surrounded by many little shops and cafes as well as impressive monuments. Next to the square lies the neo-Gothic Matthias Church- the burial place of the famous Habsburg Emperor Franz Joseph who died in 1916. Two years after the famous Emperors death, the powerful empire which he helmed collapsed after choosing to side with the Germans during World War I.


Next to the church is the Fishermen’s Bastion with its spiralling seven turrets and white stone walls that is said to have inspired Walt Disney in his design of the Disney logo. The Bastion gets its name from the Middle Ages when the guild of fishermen were responsible for the defence of this section of the city.

Other must-see attractions in the city include the National Gallery, which is also situated on Gellért Hill, the crown of the Kings of Hungary which is located inside the Hungarian Parliament and St Stephen’s Basilica.

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