The Ritz-Carlton Astana

Astana, the modern capital of Kazakhstan is one of the world’s newest capital cities and was established as the countries capital in 1998. Many of the impressive and unusual buildings have been built within the last decade, one of which is The Ritz-Carlton. The hotel, which only opened its doors in 2017, is one of two of the most luxurious hotels in the city, the other being The St Regis.

The hotel is located in the $430 million ‘Talan Towers‘ complex and the city’s most famous landmarks such as the Bayterek Tower can be seen from the hotels windows in all their splendour and glory. The hotel features 157 plush guest rooms, as well as 32 chic and elegant suites that blend a mix of luxurious Central Asian style with Europen grandeur.

As you enter the hotel you are awe-struck by the polished marble flooring, an impressive chandelier and beautiful lights in the shape of tree branches. You have multiple dining options at your disposal with a choice of three restaurants and bars. The Selfie Restaurant offers guests a once-in-a-lifetime culinary experience with some very unusual local cuisines all enjoyed while experiencing panoramic views of the city.

MÖKKI restaurant offers a family-friendly dining experience with pizza, quinoa and vegetable salads, homemade pastas, burgers and chocolate pralines and truffles for desert.  ӨZEN (which translates as River in Kazakh) is suitable for light lunches, delicious chocolates and a delightful selection of teas.

I dined at ӨZEN and the level of comfort was truly befitting of such a world-renowned hotel brand- with plush cushions and soft oversized sofas meandering around the restaurant like the shape of a river. The decor and ambience help you escape the freezing cold temperatures of the outside and make you feel a world away caught up in your own blissful thoughts. All of the kind and friendly staff are multi-lingual speaking Kazakh, Russian and English and will make you feel truly welcome and relaxed.

Teas and foods are presented in the most elegant way, with a pot of fresh honey and slices of lemon provided with each pots of tea. An extra lovely feature is the sand timers that you are given to time how long it will take to brew the perfect pot of tea.

Other facilities at the hotel include an impressive spa with a pool, jacuzzi, both a dry and steam sauna as well as a fitness centre. There is also a large conference room that can be used for business meeting and weddings and chauffeurs with Cadllac Escalades and Mercedse S Class at guests disposals along with a 24 hour butler service.

If you are planning to visit the incredible city of Astana, you can learn more about it on my Visit Kazakhstan blog.

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