Shanghai Fashion Event: Tmall Collection

China is the world’s largest market for luxury goods accounting for a third of all luxury goods sold on the planet, with over $17.3 billion spent alone in 2016.

Luxury brands and fashion houses rely on the Chinese market as it is by far the biggest growth sector in terms of sales.

Shanghai is renowned for being China’s most luxurious city and has been dubbed ‘The Paris of the East’ for being so on trend with the latest fashions and having some of the world’s most luxury shopping malls.

Alibaba, the world’s largest retailer, has partnered with New York Fashion Week to host its own fashion week and luxury showcase in Shanghai called Tmall Collection. This year’s event, features over 30 well-known brands including Ralph Lauren, La Mer, Maserati, Estee Lauder and Robert Geller.

A host of Chinese superstars, film and pop stars including actress Fan Bing Bing, singer Jason Zhang and the singer Chris Lee (Li Yuchun) will be at the events along with Victoria’s Secret Angels and some of the world’s most famous supermodels.

If you are in Shanghai this week it is bound to be an incredible event and a chance for you to meet some of China’s biggest stars and have the opportunity to be a part of this incredible event that will help make Shanghai one of the top 5 fashion destinations in the world. Paris and New York maybe the traditional powerhouses of fashion, but with the shift of the global luxury market this is now Shanghai’s chance to shine!


All of the photos are from today’s event (20/10/17)

Main Event: 2017 TMall Collection

Time: 20th October, 1pm-9pm

Location: Shanghai National Exhibition and Conference Centre

Participants: 30+ global brands, a vast number of A-list celebrities and Victoria’s Secret’s Angels, New York Fashion Week

tmall 8
地点:上海国家会展中心NH馆  上海市青浦区崧泽大道333号
tmall 7

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