Four Seasons Abu Dhabi at Al Maryah Island

The opulent and luxurius Four Seasons Hotel in Abu Dhabi is situated on the upscale Al Maryah Island, inside the famous and world-renowned Galleria Mall. The mall is home to many of the world’s most luxurious brands from Bulgari to Tom Ford and it houses many famous restaurants including the famous Zuma, japanese restaurant and bar, Trader Vic’s Polynesian cuisine and Nusr-Et Steakhouse.

The hotel itself is stylishly decorated, with a modern flair and as you enter the lobby you are greeted with a view of the expansive Abu Dhabi city skyline and the calm and clear waters of the Arabian Gulf.

I dined at the restaurant, Al Meylas, situated within the lobby, and had the most magical views of the beautiful city while relaxing in the plush and comfy sofas. The restaurant and lobby are just an incredibly tranquil and calming place and I spent many hours just taking it all in and enjoying the calm and soothing atmosphere.

I was greeted by an incredibly kind, helpful and passionate front of house lady who brought me over some magazines and even a little stool to rest my bag. We had so much great conversation and I felt incredibly relaxed and at home. This attention to detail and warm and personal service is what makes the Four Seasons Hotel group among the very best luxury hotel chains in the world.

I started out with a pot of calming herbal tea, with saffron infused honey and then accompanied this with camel milk ice cream. While apprehensive about trying this, it was something that sounds unusual and unique and I thought it would be a great end to my incredible trip to the UAE. The taste itself was exquisite and it was a little bit saltier than normal ice cream but really melted in my mouth and went beautiful with the honey herbal tea.

After taking this in and enjoying the hotels beautiful decor I went for a delicious Mexican burrito wrap with homemade sweet potato fries which were incredibly delicious.

After I had eaten and settled the bill, one of the waiters brought over a tray of Arabic oud fragrances for me to sample. I got to try all the different scents of Arabia and mix them together to create a unique and overwhelming scent. This was something totally unexpected and just added to the already amazing experience I had at the Four Seasons.

Everything at the Four Seasons Abu Dhabi is done with so much care and detail, the way the food and drinks are presented to you on the table make a picture-perfect photo opportunity and the fact that everything is made from scratch by the chefs, including the camel milk ice cream adds even more to the experience. The staff service here is beyond exceptional and you will be treated like royalty with the utmost care and attention to detail given to make your experience truly magical.

If you are planning a visit to Abu Dhabi, this is one of the top hotels in the city and is situated very close to the center and surrounded by all the best restaurants and shops.  Rooms can be booked via the hotel’s website and the dining options, of which there are 6 different restaurants, can be found here.

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