Desert Safari- Sharjah, UAE

When you think of the Arabian Peninsula what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well for me and I am sure most people think of the endless sand dunes and the stunning sunsets over the desert. Well, in true Arabian nights style I went on an adventure to experience this in the Emirate of Sharjah, one of the 7 Emirates that makes up the United Arab Emirates.

I started off my tour being picked up from my Dubai hotel in a 4×4 car provided by OceanAir Travels, a tour operator based in Dubai. I was then driven to Sharjah for a short stop off at a quad biking track in the dunes. This was a great adrenaline rush and it was a super fun way to experience the desert dunes. I also had the opportunity to browse the local market where I picked up a traditional Emirati mens dress which is called the dishdash and accompanied this with the headscarf named the keffiyeh. This was extremely comfortable for the desert and was perfect to keep me feeling cool.

I then headed back to the 4×4 vehicle for some ‘dune bashing’ which as it sounds, is literally riding over the dunes in the vehicle. I then stopped off in the middle of the desert to watch the beautiful sunset and take photos with a falcon, a bird that is prized by Emiratis and treated as royalty.

After the sun had set, it was time to head to a local bedouin camp to enjoy bellydancing, firebreathing and dance performances from some incredibly talented locals. There was also the opportunity to smoke different shishas, have henna tattoos and ride a camel. Dinner was inclusive and consisted of local cuisines and pitta breads, falafel and vegetable curries.

For anyone visiting the Emirates I really recommend booking this tour for a day with GetYourGuide.

Prices for the tours start from as little as £37 and are inclusive of all activities and the dinner.

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